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Total problems solved: 116
Total lines of code: 4123
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  1. Perl: 59
  2. C/C++: 23
  3. Java: 16
  4. Matlab: 1
  5. PARI/GP: 19
Problem #Solution LanguageData FileExecution TimeLines of CodeSolution Code
1Perl  N/
2Perl  N/
3Perl  N/
4Perl  N/
5C  N/A20prob5.c
6C  N/A13prob6.c
7C  N/A31prob7.c
8Perl prob8data.txtN/
9Perl  N/
10C  N/A32prob10.c
11Perl prob11data.txtN/
12C  N/A26prob12.c
13Java prob13data.txtN/
14C  N/A24prob14.c
15C  N/A17prob15.c
16Java  N/
17Perl prob17data.txtN/
18Perl prob18data.txtN/
19Java  N/
20Java  N/
21Perl  N/
22Perl Java prob22data2.txtN/
23Perl  N/
24Perl  N/
25Java  N/
26Perl  N/
27C++  N/A51prob27.cpp
28MATLAB  N/A14prob28.m
29Java prob29data.txtN/
30Perl  N/
31C  N/A42prob31.c
32Perl  N/
33Perl  N/
34Perl  N/
35Perl  N/
36Perl  N/
37Perl  N/
38Perl  N/
39C  N/A34prob39.c
40Perl  N/
41Perl  N/
42Perl prob42data.txtN/
43Perl  N/
44Perl  N/
45Perl  N/
46C  N/A50prob46.c
47Perl  N/
48Java  N/
49Perl  N/
50C  N/A90prob50.c
51Perl  N/
52Perl  N/
53Java  N/
54Perl prob54data.txtN/
55Perl  N/
56Java  N/
57Perl  N/
58C  N/A48prob58.c
59Perl prob59data.txtN/
61Perl  N/
62Java  N/
63Java  N/
64Perl  N/
65Perl  N/
67Perl prob67data.txtN/
69C  N/A38prob69.c
71C  N/A52prob71.c
73C  N/A57prob73.c
74PARI/GP Perl  N/
79Perl prob79data.txtN/
80Perl  N/
81Perl prob81data.txtN/
83Perl prob83data.txtN/
85C  N/A34prob85.c
87Perl  N/
89Perl prob89data.txtN/
91Perl  N/
92Perl  N/
97Perl  N/
98Perl prob98data.txtN/
99Perl prob99data.txtN/
102Java  N/
104Perl  N/
112Perl  N/
119PARI/GP  N/
120Java  N/
123PARI/GP  N/
124Perl  N/
125Perl  N/
127PARI/GP  N/
134PARI/GP  N/
142PARI/GP  N/
145C  N/A57prob145.c
146Java  N/
173C  N/A30prob173.c
174C  N/A36prob174.c
179C  N/A26prob179.c
187C  N/A57prob187.c
200PARI/GP  N/
203Perl  N/
205Perl  N/
206Perl  N/
211PARI/GP  N/
214PARI/GP  N/
216Java  N/
243PARI/GP  N/
342PARI/GP  N/
357C  N/A56prob357.c